General Counsel Services: More Than Just Legal Advice -- Analysis, Know-How And Planning

The law is the business rulebook – it can dictate how to capitalize on opportunities and avoid losses. The problem is that it’s written in a language most business executives do not understand.

Larger companies solve this problem by employing a fulltime general counsel to navigate the system – a cost most smaller companies cannot justify. As a result, many smaller companies pay a steep price in lost revenues, increased liabilities and draining court and regulatory proceedings.

To level this playing field, we have developed an effective, efficient solution for smaller companies: a three-part suite of General Counsel Services, tailored to each client’s specific needs:

  • The Business Blueprint. At the onset of a General Counsel relationship, we create (and then continually update) a “Business Blueprint” – a comprehensive working paper that provides the foundation for informed, multi-disciplinary and practical advice as situations develop in the future.
  • General Counsel Briefings. Based on the Business Blueprint, we can provide more effective and timely advice as needs arise. But, very important, the Business Blueprint will highlight the know-how that key personnel will need to capitalize on opportunities and avoid problems up front, before it’s too late. We provide that know-how in practical, usable 30-minute General Counsel Briefings, in person or via webinar.
  • The Business/Legal Assessment. The Business/Legal Assessment is an interdisciplinary analysis of the extent to which a company is utilizing the competitive advantages the law provides, and flaunting the risks the law presents. Based on what we learn, we can develop a plan to build and protect your business – including, for instance, business structures, contracting procedures, liability and damage avoidance strategies, ADA and FMLA issues, tax minimization, and much more.

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