The Business Blueprint: A Basis for Informed and Strategic Advice and Planning

In order to provide the advice, analysis, know and planning you will require, we need to know you from a variety of perspectives. Unless we understand the big picture, we heighten the risk of missing key issues and opportunities, and of solving one problem while creating others. At the onset of an outside general counsel relationship we create a detailed “Business Blueprint” – a comprehensive working paper that compiles and organizes the key, foundational information required for informed, multi-disciplinary decision-making.

For example, depending on the nature of the business, we might focus on the following:

  • organizational chart
  • general financial condition, history, debt structure
  • accounting and other consultant relationships
  • maintenance of books, records, financial statements, tax information
  • investor/ownership structure, potential issues
  • shareholder/partnership/operating/buy-sell agreements, potential issues
  • succession and estate planning information
  • executive and other employment agreements, including non-competition, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements
  • key employee turnover history
  • employee/independent contractor classification and compliance issues
  • information pertaining to protection of trade secrets, intellectual property and confidential information
  • information pertaining to transactions with customers, suppliers, consultants and subcontractors
  • collection history and ratios
  • hiring procedures (applications, interview procedures, background checks, interviewer training, documentation…)
  • discipline and termination procedures (employee evaluations, documentation, supervisory training…)
  • employee handbooks
  • employment law compliance and training procedures (discrimination, harassment, retaliation, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, employee classification, complaint procedures, forms, handbooks … )
  • facility lease or ownership details
  • insurance coverage
  • litigation and claims history

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