About Us

Powell Trachtman, P.C. provides a full range of services to businesses, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and investors, and we are regularly retained by insurance carriers to protect the interests of design professionals, accounting firms, law firms, universities, major manufacturers and many other businesses.  The firm was formed in 1988 by attorneys who believed that the accepted model of what law firms do and how they do it needed to be re-engineered—legal services as they were typically delivered were not consistently adding value to the business clients being served. We developed a different methodology, based on four, foundational precepts.

We not only solve our clients’ problems, we prevent our clients’ problems.

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve client problems effectively, efficiently and strategically. But, more than that, we built Powell Trachtman to prevent client problems. We have taught and extensively published on litigation avoidance techniques. We regularly conduct risk management and claims avoidance seminars for clients and their trade associations. We train managers, supervisors and executives at large and small companies in the avoidance of employment law issues. We conduct "legal audits" that expose potential problems before they cause harm.

We reject the "corporatization" of the practice of law.

The corporate model used by so many law firms is based on Wall Street-style metrics that pressure attorneys to maximize the short-term financial returns they can obtain from their clients, with predictable results. We specifically chose not do business that way. Our rates, as compared to the so-called "big firms," reflects our approach.  We concentrate on creating long-term client relationships, not short-term returns, based on the belief that if we satisfy our clients we will retain them, and the result will be an expanding base of clients that will incrementally grow the firm.  It worked: we have grown and prospered along with our clients, and we have been well compensated—in many forms—for the choices we have made.

We reject the dominant trend toward sub-specialization in the law.

Many business law firms have become amalgams of individual sub-specialists who cannot see beyond the walls of their sub-specialties. This is dangerous: sub-specialists provide valuable services, but lack a crucial understanding of the "big picture."  We approach client relationships much differently. From the onset, we build a multi-disciplinary understanding of the whole client, not just pieces of the client – from how it does business to how it is structured to how it deals with its workforce, and everything in between. From that vantage point, we can determine whether, and how, to draw on our network of sub-specialists, both inside and outside our firm, to meet the client’s needs. This, we believe, provides our clients with the best of both worlds.

We understand that law firms are service businesses.

Our attorneys understand that they are not just professionals, they are service professionals. There's a difference. We have succeeded because our clients consider us their partners. We are not deal breakers. We do not pour fuel on fires. We know the importance of proactive communication. We return calls and answer emails. We keep you advised. If you need it by Wednesday, that's when you'll have it.

Our approach has worked: since our inception, we have quadrupled in size, and we have been recognized as one of the most successful firms in the region.